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About Us

Ampuria Tour is a boutique tourism agency, established in 1999 by Işıl Dirim Kavitaş and Duygu Bosut with 4465 A Group license. Since both partners are from Foca (Phokaia), the agency is named “Ampuria”, a colony founded by ancient Phokaians in Spain during the 6th century.

We love to introduce Turkey and Turkish hospitality to the world.  In order to achieve this goal, Ampuria Tour works only with the best tour guides and local suppliers, with proven capacity and capabilities in the regions, tours will be held. In order to get closer to local suppliers the agency is based at Foca, where the first Club Med was established in Turkey.

Foca is the home of legendary Sirens of Homer’s Odyssey, where they can hear the musical wind. The town gives the opportunity to swim at any point, including the town cost.

Foca welcomes her guests with mini-auberge type hotels and the customs harbor directly related to Mytilene island. It is distant 70km to Izmir, 60km to Pergamum, 150km to Ephesus and Virgin Mary Temple.

Ampuria Tour has all facilities to supply qualified services around the whole country of Turkey while Anatolia is located on the cradle of civilizations with magical destinations.  Biblical, Helenistic culture, archeological , Natural wonders and social life at first sight..   Black Sea and the unique Plateau tourism, East Anatolia, South East Anatolia, Cappadocia Region, Marmara, Mediterranean district and surely the Agean shores as well as inland, are worth to see and discover..


Ampuria Tour operates with D2 + B 2 licensed latest designed tour buses and employs; English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Macedonian, Japanese and Chinese licensed  tourist  guides all around Turkey.

Ampuria Tour organizes unforgettable tours all around the world.  We are the authorized dealers of the  Cruise Lines and Turyol. So we offer the best conditions for cruise lines and also Lesbos tours.

Ampuria is also an authorized representative for Pegasus Airlines, Sky Airlines and Sun Express which will ensure the travelers flights all over the world and each airport in Turkey in special conditions..

If you have an idea about making your company meetings in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team.

Ampuria Tour is willing and ready to improve the Incoming tourism, especially to build closer relations among different cultures.

Best Regards,

Atatürk Mahallesi, Ressam Avni Arbaş Sokak No 9-A Foca – İzmir

Tel : 0 232 812 50 42Fax: 0 232 812 75 32

e-mail: ampuria@ampuriatour.com.tr